Monday, July 24, 2006

Movie director clusters

Using the Sight and Sound poll of movie directors I made a network diagram based on common favorite movies. Each director provided his or her top ten list of best/favorite movies. The more movies that two directors had in common the closer the tie. From this analysis I partitioned the network into four clusters shown by coloring the nodes/vertices.

Interestingly, When I compared the four groups I found consistent differences compared to the distance the group is to the center. Group 1 (the center group) averaged 64 years old and 82% were from English speaking countries. While group 4 (the outer group) averaged 55 years old and 45% were from English speaking counties. Groups 2 and 3 had numbers between the two extremes.

When I compared which movies the groups picked I found that the directors from groups #1 and #2 liked Citizen Kane, 8 1/2, and The Godfather. The group #3 and #4 upstarts liked The Apartment, Tokyo Story, and The Mirror.


Anonymous Mark said...

This is amazing. Beautiful work. Even as I write this comment, I'm working on ways to present information for clients, and you've really inspired me. Thanks for this.

4:14 PM  

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